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Disaster Preparedness Tips for After-School Programs Florida is no stranger to Hurricanes. As I am writing this post, we are closely watching Hurricane Irma barrel toward Florida, while still sending support to Texas following Hurricane Harvey. Here are a few tips to assist children & families in your After-School Program leading up to (and following) a disaster. 1. Help Children Cope with Anxiety: Remain calm and be reassuring (manage your own feelings). Listen to the

Tips for Effective Grant Writing

Posted by NLM Administrator on May 27, 2017
Category: Grants
What is grant? Usually, the response that I hear is “free money”! A quick Google search yields the definition “a sum of money given by an organization, especially a government, for a particular purpose”. While your organization will not be required to pay back grant money that has been awarded to you, there are definitely strings attached (that does not sound “free” to me). We will have to address those “strings” at a later time.
After much anticipation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has streamlined the process for applying for tax exempt status. Most small start-up non-profit organizations are now able to apply for recognition of exemption under IRS Section 501(c)3 online, and at a reduced user fee of $275 (formerly $400). Eligible organizations are no longer required to decipher the burdensome 26-page standard IRS Form 1023. This new process also reduces the need to hire a professional to complete


Founded in 2009, BellTower Consulting Group has assisted nonprofit organizations and municipalities in securing grant funding for youth programs, social services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, arts programming and much more.


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