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About BellTower Consulting Group

The experts at BellTower Consulting Group guide you through every step of the grant process. Since 2009, our team has provided grant writing and support services to local governments, institutions of higher education and community-based organizations throughout the State of Florida, with excellent results. To date, we’ve helped our clients secure more than $150 million in critical funding.

BellTower is responsible for researching and writing government, corporate and foundation grants, and once an award is issued, we provide ongoing expertise in operational planning, compliance tracking, fiscal accountability, annual reports and more. We also assist organizations and municipalities with fund development, strategic planning, and maintaining positive donor and community relations.

BellTower’s team of highly qualified grant professionals have a combined 50+ years of experience in developing programs, facilitating partnership agreements, writing award-winning proposals and providing post-award support.

Our staff abides by the ethical standards set by the grant professional industry and we are dedicated to supporting projects that produce meaningful results. BellTower is also a certified minority-owned business registered with the State of Florida.

LaKeesha Morris-Moreau, MSW, GPC

President & CEO

LaKeesha Morris-Moreau, MSW, GPC brings more than 20 years of expertise in proposal research and writing for both government and foundation grants. She knows how to overcome challenges such as limited resources and financial constraints to deliver high-quality, cost-effective grant services. She is especially skilled at creating value through community support and strategic partnerships between intergovernmental agencies.

In 2016, LaKeesha earned the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) credential administered by the highly regarded Grant Professional Certification Institute. The GPC is the first professional credential for individuals working in the grants field to be recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. She is one of just four professionals in Miami-Dade County to hold the GPC credential. It’s a clear mark of her experience, dedication and success in the field.

LaKeesha is Vice President of the Grant Professional Association South Florida Chapter and Exam Administration Chair of the National Board of Directors of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. In addition, she conducts workshops on a regional and national level on topics surrounding grantmaking and grant management.

BellTower wants to meet with your organization to witness the great work you do and learn about your culture. We are equipped to meet virtually with staff via conference calls or video conference with screen-sharing to ensure that meetings are safe and productive.

Our Process

Our approach to winning grants for your organization is broken down into six steps.
This is a snapshot of what working with us looks like:

BellTower researches available RFPs and ensures a good fit based on the client’s needs and/or strategic plans.

Our team prepares and presents a brief summary of potential grant opportunities.

We craft your grant application following the specific RFP requirements and then review drafts with the client until it is approved.

Once approved, BellTower prepares the application and supporting documents package based on the grant requirements.

After submission, our team follows up on the status of your grant application.

Once awarded, BellTower is available to assist with grant management.

BellTower offers a wide range of services:

Founded in 2009, BellTower Consulting Group has assisted nonprofit organizations and municipalities in securing grant funding for youth programs, social services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, arts programming and much more.


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