"Your Mission is Our Mission"

Grant Writing and Support Services for Nonprofits & Municipalities

About Us

BellTower works seamlessly with organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a start-up non-profit or a larger organization that needs a helping hand to meet grant deadlines, we are ready to help.

BellTower offers a wide range of services: 

  • Grant Planning
  • Grant Research
  • Proposal Development
  • Post-Award Management
  • Technical Assistance/Capacity Building
  • Contract Compliance

Stand Out from the Crowd

For Nonprofits


Our experienced team is able to help Executive Directors free up time to focus on their passion of serving the community.

For Governments


Our reliable team helps local governments secure grants, submit legislative appropriation requests, and develop strategic plans that improve the quality of life for their residents.



Our qualified team aims to demystify the grant writing process. We offer live and online trainings that will help you develop the skills needed to write award winning grants and manage them successfully.

Why Hire A Consultant?

Increases your Productivity

Consultants increase the organization’s productivity and efficiency by enabling it to address essential issues to which staff cannot effectively devote adequate time.

Objective Evaluation and Assessment

Outside consultants can recognize and voice matters that internal staff do not recognize or may be reluctant to discuss.

Specialized Expertise

In highly-developed specialty areas such as marketing, technology, and board development, consultants can provide guidance and complete critical projects.

Invaluable Experience

Since consultants work with many programs and institutions, they can broaden the range of options to consider, provide a seasoned perspective, and suggest which avenues are most promising to explore.

It is Cost-Effective

With a high success rate, consultants provide an attractive alternative to expanding the fixed costs of staffing. 


Founded in 2009, BellTower Consulting Group has assisted nonprofit organizations and municipalities in securing grant funding for youth programs, social services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, arts programming and much more.


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