Research, Writing and Support Services for NonProfits & Municipalities

BellTower Consulting Group offers professional grant services for clients who depend on institutional funding.

We assist small nonprofits, large organizations and everything in between with grant planning, research and writing, as well as post-award budget management and compliance. With over $90 million – and counting – in closed funding, we’re your expert grant partner from start to finish.

What We Do




Research available grants

Strategize your
funding request




Develop grant proposals

Deliver proposal in compliant formats




Post award reporting and compliance

Technical assistance/capacity-building

Why Choose BellTower?

Increases Productivity

Funding is critical, but it shouldn’t be your organization’s focus. Letting BellTower lead your grant-writing activities allows your team to stay on-mission and committed to the daily work that needs to be done.

Objective Evaluation & Assessment

As outside consultants, we’re able to recognize and voice matters that your internal staff may not see or be reluctant to discuss. This objectivity is invaluable when a large grant is on the line.

Specialized Expertise

Grants emerge from a system – one that we understand deeply. Leverage our experience and expertise to maximize your organization’s chance of connecting with the right funding.

Invaluable Experience

We do this every day, and we have a high success rate. BellTower can offer broad funding options, provide a seasoned perspective and suggest which directions would be most promising to explore.


Rather than expand your team and staffing costs, let BellTower act as your consulting partner. It’s more affordable than hiring new staff, and you enjoy the benefit of a partner that’s laser-focused on grant management.

Founded in 2009, BellTower Consulting Group has assisted nonprofit organizations and municipalities in securing grant funding for youth programs, social services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, arts programming and much more.


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