Hello from the Bell Tower Team! The March newsletter has opportunities from the Department of Justice, including the Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program, education and employment assistance for incarcerated individuals, and assistance for domestic violence victims and their animal companions. This month’s newsletter also features transportation grants for safe and green transportation solutions and opportunities for waterway improvements and hurricane disaster assistance. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your project ideas. Click the “Schedule a call” button to reach us.

Waterways Assistance Program
Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND)
Due Date: March 27, 2023
Match: 75% for public navigation dredging projects and 1:1 for all other waterway-related projects
Funding: Up to $1,000,000

Funding and support will be used to plan or carry out public navigation and anchorage projects, public recreation, environmental education, boating safety, acquisition, and development of spoil sites and publicly-owned commercial/industrial waterway access, acquisition and development of public boat ramps, launching facilities, and boat docking and mooring facilities, inlet management, maritime management planning, environmental mitigation, and beach renourishment. 

Department of Justice Second Chance Reentry Program
Department of Justice
Due Date: Grants.gov: March 28, 2023; JustGrants: April 4, 2023
Match: N/A
Funding: Up to $900,000

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) seeks to improve educational and employment programs that serve individuals during incarceration and throughout their period of reentry into the community. The Second Chance Act Improving Reentry Education and Employment Outcomes Program promotes an evidence-based and data-informed approach that will provide meaningful opportunities, interrupt the cycle of unemployment, improve economic mobility, and promote reentry success for formerly incarcerated adults. 
Applicants are encouraged to consider a broad range of key stakeholders at the local and state levels who have an interest in reentry, education, and employment and to consider what broader workforce, employment, and education initiatives are already underway in the applicant’s municipality, state, or region. 

Statutory allowable use of funds are broken into two categories:
Category 1: Correctional education

This category is focused on improving and expanding on post-secondary and vocational educational programming for incarcerated adults. 

Category 2: Improving Employment Services and Connections
This category focuses on employment training programs, assessment of local employer demand, developing partnerships with local employers, and tracking and monitoring employment outcomes through reentry programs 

Florida Local Government Cyber Security
Florida Digital Service
Due Date: March 31, 2023
Match: N/A
Funding: $30 million

Florida has made historic investments in cyber security funding, including $30 million for a competitive grant program to equip local governments with cyber security capabilities. This program is intentionally designed to meet the unique needs of local governments. 

Hurricane Stormwater and Wastewater Assistance Grant Program
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Due Date: March 31, 2023
Match: TBD
Funding: TBD

This grant program is provided to counties, municipalities, and special taxing districts that operate a stormwater or wastewater management system in Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Duval, Flagler, Indian River, Lee, Manatee, Martin, Nassau, Palm Beach, Saint Johns, Saint Lucie, Sarasota, and Volusia counties and were impacted by Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole.

An eligible project will provide repair and replacement to damaged stormwater or wastewater management systems in a given location that resolves, temporarily or permanently, the immediate threat posed to public health or the environment. All repairs to such a stormwater or wastewater management system, even if made in discrete phases, shall constitute a single project.

FY 2023 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program
Department of Justice
Due Date: Grants.gov: April 4, 2023; JustGrants: April 11, 2023
Match: 1:1
Funding: $2,000 per camera

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) seeks applications for funding law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, and correctional agencies performing law enforcement functions to purchase or lease body-worn cameras with a specific and demonstrated plan to implement this technology to maximize the benefits of BWCs. 

Funding under this program also supports agencies with existing BWC programs that are seeking to improve the management, sharing, and integration of digital evidence generated from BWCs; optimize how prosecutors leverage BWC footage to improve operations; or use BWC footage to enhance officer training or constitutional policing practices.
Eligible applicants:

  • City or township governments
  • County governments
  • Independent school districts
  • Native American tribal governments (federally recognized)
  • Public and state controlled institutions of higher education
  • Public housing authorities/Indian housing authorities
  • Special district governments
  • State governments
  • State, county, and local law enforcement agencies
  • Correctional agencies that perform law enforcement functions
  • University and college law enforcement agencies at publicly funded institutions
  • Prosecutors’ offices
  • Specialized police forces that are publicly funded (e.g. park police, independent school district police, transit police, or fish and game enforcement agencies)
  • State or regulation consortia that support such agencies, including state administering agencies

Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grant Program
Department of Justice
Due Date: Grants.gov: April 10, 2023; JustGrants: April 17, 2023
Match: N/A
Funding: $3.3 million 

This program will provide funding for shelter and transitional housing and other assistance to victims of domestic violence and their companion animals, which under this program means pets, service animals, emotional support animals, and horses. This program will support 3 purpose areas: Purpose Area One: Training and Technical Assistance (TTA); Purpose Area 2: Small awards of up to $100,000 for programs that provide services to domestic violence victims and their companion animals; Purpose Area 3: Large awards of up to $400,000 for programs that provide services to domestic violence victims and their animal companions.

Low or No Emission Vehicle and Buses and Bus Facilities Programs
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Due Date: April 13, 2023
Match: 15%
Funding: $1,220,000,000

The purpose of the Low-No Program is to support the transition of the nation’s transit fleet for the lowest polluting and most energy efficient transit vehicles. The Low-No Program provides funding to state and local governmental authorities for the purchase or lease of zero-emissions and low-emission transit buses, including acquisition, construction, and leasing of required supporting facilities.

The purpose of the Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive Program is to assist in the financing of buses and bus facilities capital projects, including replacing, rehabilitating, purchasing, or leasing buses or bus-related equipment, and rehabilitating, purchasing, constructing, or leasing bus-related facilities.

On the horizon…

Safe Streets for All (SS4A)
Department of Transportation
Due Date: Tentatively to be released April 2023
Match: Yes
Funding: TBD

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) established the new Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary grant program with $5 billion in appropriated funds over the next five years. The SS4A program funds regional, local, and Tribal initiatives through grants to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries.

The SS4A program supports Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s National Roadway Safety Strategy and the Department’s goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our nation’s roadways.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Federal Emergency Management (FEMA)
Due Date: May 31, 2023
Match: 25%
Funding: Varies by county, please see solicitation for funding allocations for your area

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (Division) is pleased to announce the availability of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds as a result of the recent Presidential Disaster Declaration for Hurricane Ian (FEMA 4673-DR-FL). HMGP funding is authorized by Section 404 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief Act. This funding helps communities implement measures to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards and their effects. The Division encourages all potential applicants to submit applications for projects that address eligible mitigation activities. The amount of HMGP funding available to the state is based on the total federal disaster assistance for the Presidential Disaster Declaration.

Public Transit Service Development Program 
Due Date: May 2023
Match: TBD
Funding: TBD

The Public Transit Service Development Program was enacted by the Florida Legislature to provide initial funding for special projects that implement new or innovative techniques or measures that can be used to improve or expand public transit services.

Types of service development projects may involve the use of new:

  • Vehicles
  • Technologies
  • Equipment
  • Services
  • Routes
  • Vehicle Frequencies
  • Purchase of Special Transportation Services
  • Other Techniques for Increasing Service to the Riding Public
  • Methods for improving operations, maintenance and marketing in public transit systems

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